Monday, February 26, 2007

Parenting Development through American Schools

Parenting, as well as teaching, is a considerable challenge in today's society and our schools have a unique opportunity to support parents in the development of the life skills needed for raising their children. Programs and resources can be developed and implemented through American schools to assist parents. By working together, educators and parents can make the learning experience a fruitful one for our children.

Girls and Boys Town, founded by Father Flanagan, is an organization with a 90 year history in the education of youth. Its web site is dedicated to helping parents.

Understanding that a child's success in school requires an engaged parent as well as a dedicated teacher, provides School Parenting Tips in the following areas:

School Behaviors

Academic or Behavior Problems

Why Get Involved?

Biting and Bullies at Preschool

Making Friends at School

Assessing Relationships

Making Friends

Bad Friendships

Homework Struggles

Homework Problems

Helping or Hurting School Work

Checking on Your Child’s Progress

Helping Children Succeed in School

Bullying at School

Is Your Child Being Bullied?

Steps to Bully Proof Your Child

How to Help the Victim

Book: No Room for Bullies

Peer Pressure at School

Pressure Proofing Your Kids

Resisting Negative Peer Pressure

Social Pressures – How to Help

Just Say “No!”

After School Play

Techno Tots

Video Games


Suicide Concerns

Classroom Involvement for Parents

Creating a School Presence

Checking on Your Child’s Progress

Successful School Year

Changing Schools

Adjusting to School

Preparing For a New School

Preparing For Kindergarten?

Role Model for Your Kids

Be a Role Model for Kids

Moral Development

Teaching Values to Children

Raising Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Role Model for Your Kids

Child Care Resources

Advice for the Working Mom

Babysitting Guidelines

Child Care Transportation

Mentors and Tutoring

School Mentors


Questions When Hiring a Tutor


Too Many Extracurricular Activities?

Preparing for College

American educators are in a unique position to cultivate the moral compass of our nation's future – not only through the day-to-day educating of our youth, but also by assisting parents and families with the development of life and parenting skills.


Girls and Boys Town – School Parenting Tips
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Parents and Caregivers
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U.S. Department of Education
Especially for Parents
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