Monday, February 12, 2007

Ethical Dimension of Leadership: Picatinny Arsenal

On February 8, 2007, through the invitation of Chief Joseph Devine, I had the privilege of speaking at Picatinny Arsenal. Situated on a 6,500-acre military installation located in the Northwest corner of New Jersey, Picatinny plays a unique role in the United States ability to defend itself. There is no other comprehensive armaments facility like it in America.

Leadership is essential to Picatinny due to its role with research, development, engineering and production. Vigilance is central since America must remain prepared to defend itself and others who are oppressed. Collaboration is required because of the important partnerships that Picatinny has with universities and industries.

The Ethical Dimension of Leadership was presented in response to the crisis of leadership and deterioration of values in America today. The agenda for the program included:

  • Crisis of Leadership
  • Culture of Violence
  • American Icons of Leadership
  • Trade Secrets for Professionalism
  • American Military Personnel Tribute
  • Remember, Reflect, Resolve
  • Transforming America
During the presentation, there was animated interaction from individuals representing the military, law enforcement, education, emergency management, health and business professions. Collectively we evaluated the current climate of American communities and a response that included:
  • Hurricane Katrina: Lessons Learned
  • Public Corruption
  • Corporate Corruption
  • Faith Based Scandals
  • Sports Scandals
  • School Violence
  • Gang Violence
  • Workplace Violence
  • Terrorism
  • Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, Franklin Roosevelt, Gehrig, Eisenhower, World War II, Iwo Jima: Lessons Learned
  • Leadership Ideals to Transform America
It was a privilege to be with such dedicated Americans at Picatinny who represent the best of our great country. It is a reminder to me that there is hope for America.

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