Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Leadership, Ethics and Character: Foundations for Transformation

As an educator dedicated to leadership and character development, my responsibility is faithfulness to a mission exemplified by leadership, vigilance, and collaboration. During this week, my particular focus in fulfilling this mission is providing some practical resources for leadership, ethics and character development.

One resource that compliments this mission of building community is The Siegel Institute for Leadership, Ethics and Character which promotes "ethical leadership for the common good throughout the world for all individuals representing all walks of life."

Leadership and violence prevention principles taught throughout the nation must have character at their heart: "the core of the Kennesaw State University Model of Ethical Leadership (served by the Siegel Institute) is character – that quality of knowing and developing oneself, the achievement of which is a prerequisite toward becoming what others might describe as an ethical leader – one who embodies in attitude, behavior and action the five core beliefs: Respect, Trust, Optimism, Intentionality and Service."

This institute upholds the codependent partnership of leadership and ethics.

"Leadership, without an understanding of ethics, does not produce leaders who take responsibility and hold others as well as themselves accountable. Ethics without leadership does not provide the necessary tools, knowledge and skills to develop and implement vision. At the heart of leadership is character defined as understanding and knowing ones values, beliefs, strengths, skills and personality."
In an age where America is called to transform a culture lacking leadership, ethics and character, it is critical to realize the potential and responsibility to favorably influence society through service which only has efficacy when these qualities are its underpinnings.

There is a crisis of community within America reflected through broken families, abandoned youth, gangs and violence. It is my hope, aspiration and passion that transformation within all segments of American society take place through the building of community, leadership, ethics, self-esteem and character.


The Siegel Institute for Leadership, Ethics, and Character Click here to visit site

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