Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Youth Prescription Drug Abuse Alert: Dangerous and Deadly

Many parents may be unaware of the abuse of prescription drugs in their very own homes by their children. When properly prescribed and used, prescription drugs make complex surgeries possible, relieve pain for millions and assist with healing and controlling various illnesses and conditions.

Abusing prescription drugs is not only dangerous but deadly. It is imperative that parents prevent prescription drug abuse through education, prevention and communication. The Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration of the United States Department of Health and Human Services states,

"Data from a National Household Survey on Drug Abuse indicates that abuse of prescription drugs is rising rapidly in the United States. In 2001, almost 3 million youth age 12-17 used prescription medications non-medically in their lifetimes.

"Abuse of prescription drugs can lead to addition, misdiagnosis of serious illness, life-threatening circumstances and even death," said SAMHSA administrator Charles G. Curie, M.A., A.C.S.W.

  • "Pharming" is a new dangerous trend where teens take a handful of prescription drugs and swallow some or all of them.
  • After marijuana, the second most common type of illegal drug use is non-medical abuse of prescription drugs.
  • Teens get prescription drugs from their own homes, friends and through web sites that will ship supplies anywhere with no questions asked.
Commonly abused prescription drugs often belong to these three categories:
  1. Narcotic Pain Medications (Opioids) – often prescribed to treat pain.
  2. Central Nervous System (CSN) depressants – used to treat anxiety and sleep disorders.
  3. CNS stimulants – for treatment of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.


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