Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Parental Online Safety and Security Assistance

According to its website, WiredSafety is the largest online safety, education and help group in the cyber world. Comparable to the neighborhood watch program of community policing, the program prides itself on being a cyber-neighborhood watch. The program operates in cyberspace through more than 9,000 volunteers worldwide.

The work of WiredSafety falls into these four major areas:

  • Help for online victims of cybercrime and harassment
  • Assisting law enforcement worldwide on preventing and investigating cybercrime
  • Education
  • Providing information on all aspects of online safety, privacy and security.
WiredSafety has an informative section for parents that assists them with understanding the Internet and protecting their children with details that include:
  • Whats IM? What is this about a secret code kids use online?
  • What if I find out my child is a cyberbully?
  • How do I know when to call the police or when to ignore something?
  • How can I tell if my child is communicating with an Internet predator?
  • Is there software that I can use to track what my kids are doing and saying on line?
  • What about cell phones?
  • What about interactive gaming devices like X-Box Live and Sony PlayStation 2 as well as Network?
Parents must be fully aware and involved in the lives of heir children and their Internet experiences. Internet security is a necessary reality of contemporary youth and parents must be educated and monitor the Internet usage of their children, not allowing computers to be unchecked electronic babysitters.


WiredSafety.org Click here to visit site

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