Monday, December 04, 2006

Where Have All the Parents Gone?

On a website developed by two California law enforcement officials who are brothers, in collaboration with a friend who is an active reserve police officer, is a compelling article entitled, "Where Have All the Parents Gone?"

The article is a testimonial of a law enforcement official with 24 years of experience vicariously being a parent to abandoned youth because their parents are virtually non-existent. In the article are some very disturbing photographs depicting the aloneness of very young children including:
  • A six-year old walking home alone from school and crossing busy railroad tracks without supervision.
  • Two very young children walking home alone from school amidst busy streets
  • Three children approximately 8 to 9 years old swimming out to a channel buoy along a busy,deep water channel with no visibility, no life jackets and strong currents. The author's dog is photographed swimming in the shallow banks of the same river and is clearly wearing a life preserver while the children at peril in the deeper section are without life jackets. In the same river just two weeks earlier, a 7 year old drowned while swimming alone
Regarding crime, the law enforcement author expresses concern that the kids get younger, the violence gets worse and the hatred grows stronger as the parents remain oblivious.

Until American parents get back on track with responsibility, involvement and dedication to the lives of their children; educators and law enforcement officials will continue to be significantly impacted with this current societal dysfunction of too many parents who lack connectedness in the lives of their children.

Read the article...

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