Monday, November 27, 2006

Over 1,500 Attend Emerson High School Character Education Presentations

Emerson High School in Union City, New Jersey has a compelling mission statement, "We the Emerson High School Community endeavor to instill in our students a positive attitude towards life long learning in a technologically innovative world.  In a safe and secure environment, we dedicate ourselves to inspire all students to realize their full potential, to achieve personal goals and to become productive members of society..."

On November 21, 2006 this mission statement was clearly evident the moment one entered the school and viewed large, autumn colored Thanksgiving food boxes filling the entire main corridor.  Faithful to the "productive members of society" mission, these were gifts donated by the school community which would be delivered to families in need throughout Union City.

Prior to dismissal, the entire school of over 1,500 students and staff convened in the gymnasium.  Principal Robert Fazio, greatly respected by the students because of the respect with which he treats them, spoke to his students on "giving back to the community" and commended them for their "leadership, especially expressed through their respect for themselves, one another and the entire staff of the school".

Ed Petersen of Buckley Petersen Global, spoke of his experiences as an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and as Director of Security for Major League Baseball after retiring from the bureau.  As a graduate of Emerson High School, who grew up in the Union City neighborhood, Ed was able to connect with the students as he stressed the need for student leadership in order to make the right choices.

Complimenting the motivational remarks on character by Mr. Fazio and Mr. Petersen, I stressed the importance of leadership with character as its foundation. This was a very receptive and energized young assembly who represent the hope of America's future and this venue organized by Emerson High School is worthy of emulation by other schools.  A PowerPoint was utilized highlighting the character of such American icons as Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lou Gehrig and Dwight Eisenhower.  Tips for "American Youth Success" were shared which included:
  • Walk your talk – know the best you are meant to be and perform admirably
  • Be 100% dedicated to personal growth
  • Take studies seriously and with full force determination
  • Engrave on your heart that you are important
  • Cultivate an attitude of service to others
  • Lead through good example
  • Be dedicated to patriotism and appreciative of America
  • Develop a positive attitude
  • Set high personal standards
  • Never lie – always tell the truth
  • Have strength of character, courage and perseverance
  • Always remain calm and never lose your temper

The presentations ended with a photo tribute to American military personnel who are in harms way and making great personal sacrifices for Americans and for people of other countries.

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