Wednesday, November 08, 2006

School Lockdown Procedures

It is imperative that lockdown procedures are in place and practiced, reviewed and perfected.

A lockdown procedure is used where there is an immediate and imminent threat to the school facility population. School staff and students are secured in the rooms they are currently in and no one is allowed to leave until the incident has been secured. Lockdown allows for security of students and staff in place and the removal of innocent bystanders from danger. Lockdown is most commonly used for an intruder who may be a danger to the school community or for a nearby incident that may effect the school.

Some basic issues that must be considered include:
  • Is there a lockdown procedure in place?
  • Do all staff members (including substitutes) have keys and are locks in working order?
  • Is the communication system in order allowing the lockdown to be implemented?
  • Are classrooms aligned in advance using a line of sight as guidance?
  • Are there procedures to ensure all are accounted for?
  • Does each staff member know their responsibility?
  • Have substitutes, custodians and staff been trained?
  • Has there been practice drills by the entire school with a comprehensive review?
National Sheriffs Association School Safety Tips

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