Friday, November 03, 2006

School Stabbing: Metal Detectors Controversy

A 16 year old accused of stabbing another student at New Britain High School in Connecticut has ignited a community controversy on metal detectors.
The pastor of St. James Missionary Church, Rev. Alfred Smith, who is the father of four children at the school, is  requesting school officials to increase the number of metal detectors.  School Superintendent Doris Kurtz feels that fixed metal detectors, opposed to metal detecting wands currently being used by school security guards, are too costly and impractical since the school has 67 doors.
A school board member said the school cannot do everything to prevent incidents because the school has 3,200 students and cannot be turned into a armed camp.
James Weatherby, the uncle of the boy who was stabbed in the back while leaving the cafeteria, feels that the solution must be comprehensive with metal detectors an integral part of it.



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