Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Over 100 Attend School Violence Seminar in Austin, Texas

Seminars are necessary venues for educators, law enforcement and emergency management officials to network and be apprised of the latest school violence issues and solutions.

On November 14, 2006 at the Woodward Hotel and Conference Center in Austin, Texas, over 100 public and private school teachers and administrators as well as school resource officers, investigators, police chiefs and emergency management coordinators focused on school violence prevention. The conference was organized by Omni Publishing.

An insightful presentation was made by Sgt. Corey F. MacDonald, an attorney as well as a school resource officer with the Portsmouth New Hampshire Police Department. Sgt. MacDonald discussed the importance of understanding and evaluating which is contemporary American youth's social networking tool.

I had the pleasure of presenting School Security; Crisis Management, Emergency Planning, Lockdowns and Evacuations to this very receptive audience. The concerns and efforts that I hear about from the attendees is invaluable as I continue my work to make communities safer in America.

The collaborative efforts of educators, administrators, parents, law enforcement, emergency services workers, and community leaders continues to be the key ingredient to safer schools and communities.

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