Friday, November 10, 2006

National Model of School Emergency Preparedness

Cited as a national model of school emergency preparedness by the White House, Department of Justice and Department of Education is the Fairfax County Public Schools.

The school division and all school facilities have safety and security plans designed by school security, local law enforcement, emergency management and public health officials.  Plans including procedural response to critical incidents are regularly renewed and updated.

The schools work collaboratively with local, state and federal health, safety and emergency personnel.  Specifics on the incidents determine emergency actions to be taken.  Among the security measures are:
  1. Close coordination with police and fire departments
  2. Close coordination with the county health department
  3. A comprehensive division crisis management plan
  4. Individual school plans-updated at least each 12 months-including evacuation, shelter-in-place and parent notification plans
  5. Employee training in crisis management and communication
  6. Police school resource officer presence in all schools
  7. School door numbering to aid public safety response
  8. Strict visitor controls; employee and contractor IDs
  9. Door access technology pilot projects
  10. Anonymous tip line
  11. Identification of HAZMAT sites in Fairfax County and revision of crisis plans to address HAZMAT issues
  12. Additional daytime security staff members
  13. Additional technologies for internal communication
  14. School based security staffs in all secondary, high and middle schools
  15. Uniformed security patrols at all elementary schools during regular school hours and all district schools after hours
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