Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spotlight On: Mr. Steven Benvenisti, Esq.

Although there are many speakers, seminars, symposiums, conferences, in-service days and presentations, there are times when an individual stands out by the efficacy of words so clearly spoken from the heart.

Steven Benvenisti, an attorney at law and motivational speaker is one such individual who was able to transform an audience on Tuesday, March 27, 2007 at a monthly meeting of The North Jersey Regional Crime Prevention Officers Association at the Petrocelli College of Continuing Studies of Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, New Jersey. The event turned an ordinary day into a truly memorable experience as Steven presented "The Most Significant Case of My Entire Life."

[Reprinted from the Event Handout]

For more than 10 years, Steven Benvenisti, an award winning motivation speaker and personal injury attorney has been featured on television, radio and appeared before thousands of people to share his story of the most significant case he has ever handled. The lessons learned from this case have inspired individuals and audiences throughout America. As a result of this case, Steven Benvenisti has devoted his legal career towards representing personal injury victims, DWI victims and others including those suffering from traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and other catastrophic injuries. Steven Benvenisti has been honored with many awards including an official proclamation by the Governor of New Jersey, a Joint Resolution of the New Jersey Senate and Assembly; and Resolutions by both The United States Senate and The U.S. House of Representatives. Steven is a member of the Teaneck, New Jersey based law firm of Davis, Saperstein & Salomon, P.C.
During his presentation, Steven stressed the following:
  • There are too many high school and college students who are victims of DWI and many are tragically fatalities. Steven's personal mission with the thousands of students he speaks to is to end DWI.
  • The problem has no quick fix but the message must be clear and consistent, "Do not drink and drive."
  • The Most Significant Case of My Entire Career was about a New Jersey College Student who excelled academically, socially and athletically. Yet, his world changed dramatically during a spring break fraternity brothers trip to Daytona, Florida.
    • While walking with his friends on a evening that all of them were alcohol free, this student was hit by a vehicle being driven by a driver under the influence at 50 miles per hour. The student had both of his legs crushed immediately and witnesses explained hearing a "horribly unusual exploding sound" in explaining the impact of the vehicle upon the student's body. He was thrown 70 feet away, suffered from intense bleeding and both legs were terrible disfigured. The sight was so distressing that many of the bystanders were sobbing as they watched his two friends try to assist him.
    • The police responded almost immediately, found the victim's wallet and called the victim's home. Due to the hour, his mother immediately sensed that something was seriously wrong. The family was told to stand by and await the doctor's call. Each minute the father, mother and three brothers and sisters waited seemed like an eternity.
    • When the doctor called, he explained that the son had been hit by a car, that portions of the bones in his left leg were missing, he lost a tremendous amount of blood and the brain was seriously swelling. The father asked the doctor, "What are my son's chances of living?" Hearing this had a chilling effect on the family who were listening to each of his words . The doctor explained that the young man could die within hours and received permission to use his organs should he die. The family rushed to the airport and was able to board a flight to Daytona within 90 minutes.
    • After being in a coma for 10 days, the student opened his eyes but did not recognize his parents, could not speak and had no short term memory. His legs were an orthopedic nightmare. Yet, this student eventually recovered, went on to live a life happier than ever imagined and became the inspiration for the great mission of Steven Benvenisti.
According to Steven, Madison Square Garden can be filled to capacity with the amount of people killed each year by a drunk driver. And Steven Benvenisti is on a mission to empty the arena.


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