Thursday, March 22, 2007

Transforming Society: From Deception to Truthfulness

There is nothing more powerful than the splendor of truth and nothing more devastating then the darkness of deception. Sadly, American society is suffering from a culture of deception. Simply stated, lies and deceipt shatter relationships, families, companies and agencies and lead to a breakdown of trust which is so critical to society.

To highlight the pervasiveness of this culture of deception, one need only look at the recent Federal Bureau of Investigation press releases and top stories:

  • Executives Indicted for Allegedly Bribing Costa Rican Officials to Obtain Contracts
  • Hedge Fund Charged in the First U.S. Criminal Case for Deceptive Market Timing
  • Former Head of Citibank Commodities Desk Sentenced to 15 Months for Falsely Inflating Profits up to $20 Million
  • Medical Equipment Owner Sentenced to Prison on $2.2 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme
  • Charges with Multimillion Dollar Investment Fraud
Indications of these deceptive elements in society are not only in these FBI headlines, but also in the press releases of U.S. Attorneys across the nation and at the highest levels of government leadership.

America must shift course from the destructive and self-centered culture of deception to the liberating and community-centered culture of truthfulness. American families, schools, companies and government agencies are in dire need of a great and necessary transformation. Our future destiny depends on our commitment to truth and justice.

"It matters enormously if I alienate anyone from the truth." — CS Lewis

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