Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nuclear Option Detonates Presidential, Senatorial, Congressional Leadership Crisis

A further divide within the highest levels of government intensified today with the Senate vote on the "nuclear option."

Although "nuclear option" connotes a catastrophic event; the comparison is clear, there is an unprecedented lack of unity with Washington officials. This is detrimental to the interests of our country and beckons a clarion call to moral courage, unwavering leadership and renewed collaboration.

America's Leadership Crisis: Presidential, Senatorial, Congressional-October 10, 2013 Post

For many years I have addressed a crisis of leadership in America. Sadly, these concerns continue with the inability of the President, Senate and Congress to collaborate for the best interests of the country and prevent a government shutdown.

This infighting is causing heartbreak, hardship and injustices to many Americans with the loss of jobs, income, security and morale including:

  • Military families who lose out on subsidized groceries, childcare, medical assistance and after school programs
  • Pre-School-over 5,000 kids from low income are closed out of Head Start programs and families may have to stay home from work to provide for them
  • Federal Workers-about 800,000 are on furlough without pay with pending eviction possibilities and inability to provide for their families
  • Government Contractors-all vendors have business certifications on hold causing service delays and financial hardships
  • Hotel Proprietors and Tourism Operators-bookings are down at all national sites with loss of revenue and layoffs.

    The most monumental injustice was the delay of death benefits to families whose loved ones offered the ultimate sacrifice while serving our nation in the military.

    As addressed previously, deficient leadership equals tragic ramifications:

    Response to Virginia Tech Panel Report...FBI Community Leadership Award-November 1, 2007 Post

    Crisis of Leadership: A Response to the Virginia Tech Panel Report was recently released through and reviewed in a Washington Post article and WRVA newsradio.

    The response, written in an easy-to-understand format, draws attention to the deficiencies of crisis management of the Virginia Tech Tragedy on that fateful day in April 2007 and continues the call for the accountability of those responsible for the safety of students, faculty and staff at Virginia Tech.

    In light of the continued school and campus violence throughout the nation, it is hoped that this will serve as a reminder to campuses throughout the nation to develop a culture of preparedness, unity of effort and sound leadership regarding safety protocols and emergency procedures.

    "It has been eight years since Columbine and nine years since the release of Early Warning, Timely Response: A Guide to Safe Schools. It is inexcusable that any school or campus is not prepared. The problem is compounded by campus safety professionals who are inadequately paid, trained, retained or motivated. It is a sad commentary that we can put hundreds of millions of dollars into college athletic programs while many campus security programs suffer from a lack of resources. Where are our priorities?

    "The entire educational community including students, parents, educators, counselors, administrators, security and law enforcement must rise to the occasion. Open and effective collaboration is necessary to insure that these life saving protocols are understood, documented, revised and practiced is critical."

    FBI Director's Community Leadership Award

    On October 30, 2007, Mr. Bove received the FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award from Special Agent in Charge Weysan Dun at the FBI’s Newark Field Office. This special award, presented on behalf of the Director of the FBI, was formally created in 1990 as a way to honor individuals and organizations for their efforts in combating crime, terrorism, drugs, and violence in America. It is given annually to one individual from each field office.

    [Vincent Bove's remarks upon receiving the award]

    It is an honor to receive the FBI Director's Community Leadership award but it is also very humbling. There are so many individuals deserving of recognition and I would like to share this award with those I have recently met from throughout the nation.

    Victims and Families of the Virginia Tech Tragedy

    These families experienced the worst act of school violence in our nation's history. In my communications with many of them since the April 16 tragedy, I have found them to represent the Courage of America.

    Future Leaders of America

    Just last week at the National Conference on Ethics in America, I was privileged to serve college students from throughout the nation. These students of character assembled to exchange concerns and solutions for restoring the moral compass of our nation and represent the Hope of America.

    Members of the INEOA

    As a privileged speaker during the recent International Narcotics Officers Association's annual conference, I had the opportunity to interact with individuals representing local law enforcement as well as FBI, DEA and ICE. They clearly represent the Dedication of America.

    Members of the FBI

    Each of you, in all of the different roles within the FBI, are deserving of respect for the safeguarding our nation and represent the Commitment of America.

    Members of our Armed Forces

    At the end of each of my presentations, I always take a few moments to honor those in our military who represent the Service of America.

    After one of these sessions, Marion Dooley, whose son Mark was killed in action while serving in Iraq, thanked me for remembering our soldiers and invited me to attend his military interment ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. In Arlington, she shared with me a letter given to her by her son Mark which was only to be opened upon his death. Encouraged by Mrs. Dooley, I shared this letter in a recent article since it represents the Honor of America.

    I dedicate this award

    • to each of you gathered here today,
    • to our military personnel, especially Lt. Mark Dooley and his family,
    • to the students from the National Conference on Ethics in America and students and teachers throughout the nation,
    • to the members of the INEOA and all those in law enforcement, and
    • to all of the victims and families of the Virginia Tech tragedy and other incidents of school violence.


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