Sunday, November 10, 2013

Veterans Day: Honoring Sacrifice, Dedication, Patriotism

As America honors all who have served our nation with military service on Veterans Day, let us be forever grateful for their sacrifice, dedication and patriotism.

Liberation Monument: American Military Compassion, Character, Courage, Community-December 26, 2006 Blog

Surrounded by the historic significance of Ellis Island, the Statue of liberty and the New York skyline, is the Liberation Monument. Designed by sculptor Natan Rapaport, this inspirational statue depicts a World War II American Soldier carrying a survivor from the Auschwitz concentration camp. This image moves the soul to reflect on the values of compassion, character, courage and community.

Today, as in generations past, courageous Americans are making great sacrifices to serve our country and preserve our liberty. It is important for those who benefit from the valor of American service personnel to always remember and appreciate their dedication to our nation. Especially during the holiday season, their sacrifices are intimately shared by their loved ones and especially their children. It is critical to be mindful of their challenges and support American military and their families in every way possible.

The legacy of America urges a rebirth of patriotism that will transform us once again into a nation destined to be a hope for the world through its commitment to moral leadership, persevering vigilance and generous collaboration.

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