Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Stockton College Center for Public Safety and Security: Advisory Board

On Tuesday, October 29, 2013 I accepted an appointment to the Stockton College Center for Public Safety and Security Advisory Board.

During my first meeting I advised the board on holding an Inaugural New Jersey Conference on Ethics, Character and Public Safety based lessons learned from my involvement with the National Conference on Ethics in America at West Point. This advisement followed up a previous brainstorming collaboration with Frank Rodgers, President of The Rodgers Group, LLC and Jack Hoban, President of Resolution Group International, both of whom are colleagues on this advisory group. I am grateful to the leadership of Lt. Colonel Frank E. Rodgers (Ret.), who previously served as Deputy Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police, for his invitation to Jack Hoban and I to become advisory board members.

This board meeting was held in between sessions of the 9th Annual Excellence in Policing Accreditation Conference at the College today. It was attended by 300 law enforcement officials from throughout New Jersey.

I am confident that my involvement with this advisory board will compliment their dedication to public safety and my ongoing service to law enforcement initiatives including:

Jersey City Police Department Waterfront Security Event: Community Policing Par Excellence-May 17, 2011 Post

On Tuesday, May 17, 2011, the Jersey City Police Department held their monthly Waterfront Security Event for corporate representatives, private security personnel, emergency responders and law enforcement officials. This initiative is an outstanding community policing program that forges a unity of effort partnership benefiting security and safety in Jersey City.

As the featured speaker I delivered a presentation titled Layoffs: An Alarming Trend Endangering Company and Community Safety. It identified serious issues in contemporary American society as well as practical solutions and responses including:

  • A culture of callousness, violence and death
  • Alarming rise of police fatalities
  • Company and law enforcement layoffs
  • Domestic violence spilling over into the workplace
  • Virginia Tech lessons learned: principles of crisis planning
  • Workplace violence prevention: warning signs and employee terminations
  • Target hardening and security vulnerability assessments
  • Threat assessment teams

As with all of my presentations, it concluded with a tribute honoring those making sacrifices serving our nation in the military, especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

The Jersey City Police Department, especially represented by East District Commander Captain Joseph A. Connors and Community Relations Officer Dina Reilly are to be commended for this initiative. It is a community policing program par excellence that fosters law enforcement partnerships with the entire Jersey City community.



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