Friday, January 25, 2008

Washington School Parents: Informed, Interested, Involved

Parents of students at the Washington school were encouraged to

"Get informed, be interested and stay involved with your children. Your presence is the most powerful influence in their lives."

Thanks to the coordination of Maria Kanik, Parent Liaison and the leadership and support of Principal Bob Wendelken, a group of parents was able to benefit from a presentation on Technology Concerns for Parents and Educators. The parents were very enthusiastic and grateful that they attended the event.

Following are two items from the presentation for your review and reflection:

[Reprinted from the Powerpoint presentation]

Model of a Parent in Action
Informed, Interested, Involved

  • Reasonableness
  • Kindness/Calmness – "Let nothing disturb you."
  • Charity above all
  • Patience – especially with corrections
  • Prevention not Repression
  • Corrections through expression of disappointment (only effective when love and trust are the foundation)
  • Sincere interest in things important to the child
  • Earn the child's trust


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