Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Everyday Heroes Serving the Nation: Reflect, Renew, Resolve

On November 6, 2007, the New Jersey offices of the Federal Bureau of Investigation held their annual professional support conference. The purpose of this event is to celebrate the dignity of working for the FBI, remain focused on the criticality of its mission to protect communities and the nation, build camaraderie within the organization, and appreciate the many New Jersey success stories.

In his opening remarks to over 200 professional support employees, Special Agent in Charge Weysan Dun graciously thanked everyone for their dedication. SAC Dun noted that each attendee, as a member of the FBI family, was essential to the FBI's success and shared in the positive impact that the FBI is making not only to New Jersey but to the nation.

During his presentation, SAC Dun also shared his appreciation of the heraldry of the FBI seal which included:

  • The circle of 13 stars denoting the FBI unity of purpose as exemplifed by the 13 original colonies.
  • The peaked beveled edge surrounding the seal symbolizing the challenges facing the FBI and the ruggedness of the agency.
  • The gold color in the seal which conveys the overall value of the FBI to the nation.
  • The motto, "Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity" describes the motivating force behind the bureau.

Dorisse Shakir-Ullah, Administrative Officer of the Newark Division, followed SAC Dun and reminded the attendees of their invaluable work for the FBI. She stressed that each of them contributes in a way that benefits the bureau and society, thus the theme of this years conference, "Everything We Do Makes A Difference."

Assistant Supervisory Agent in Charge, Aaron T. Ford, thanked all attendees for their service to the FBI and Supervisory Special Agent, Marty F. Zielinski, reviewed the nuts and bolts relative to security and safety protocols.

As a featured speaker for the conference, I delivered a presentation entitled Everyday Heroes Serving the Nation – Renew, Reflect, Resolve.

Insights regarding current concerns for America, discussed during a conference planning session with FBI representatives Karen Spencer and Evelyn Lopez, were the focus of the presentation:

  • Leadership Scandals and their Impact on Society
  • Myspace and Internet Security Concerns
    for American Youth
  • Gangs, Guns and Drugs
  • School Violence
  • Terrorism
  • Principles of Diversity

A tribute to American Military Personnel concluded the presentation, along with practical solutions for restoring our nation’s moral compass through character, community and courage.

The dedication of those who keep the FBI running with their professional support cannot be underestimated. And our appreciation should know no bounds.


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