Thursday, June 07, 2007

FBI Citizens Academy Graduation

On June 6, 2007 the Newark Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation held its FBI Citizens Academy graduation at Newark headquarters. The FBI Citizens Academy highly compliments the community policing philosophy since it serves to build a strong collaboration between law enforcement and the community. Thirty-eight leaders representing business, religious, civic and educational organizations completed the stimulating 10-week program.

I was honored to address the graduates, their guests and members of the bureau on the crisis of leadership in our nation and the importance of commitment to transformation through character, courage and community.

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Today, FBI Citizens' Academies have established requirements, goals, and a curriculum. Each session is open to about 20 business, civic, religious, and community leaders who have been nominated by a Bureau employee or a previous Academy attendee. These “students” must be at least 21 years old, with no prior felony convictions, and must live or work within the jurisdiction of the field office. The SAC selects the participants, who must then undergo a background investigation in order to obtain an interim security clearance.

Security clearances must be obtained because part of the curriculum covers investigative techniques used in national security and criminal investigations. Classes are taught by Special Agents in Charge (SACs), Assistant Special Agents in Charge (ASACs), and senior Special Agents (SAs), and there are eight meetings over a 10-week period.

There is a standard curriculum:

  • Practical problems involving the collection and preservation of physical evidence.
  • FBI’s jurisdiction and congressional oversight.
  • Structure and operation of an FBI field office and resident agency.
  • Services the FBI provides to local and state law enforcement agencies.
  • Discussions on ethics, discipline policies, communications, drug enforcement, civil rights, and future trends in law enforcement.
  • Firearms training so participants get an idea of the extensive and responsible weapons training FBI Agents receive (also to foster an understanding of what it is like being faced with split-second, life-and-death decisions).


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