Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Phoenix Project: Repairing Wounded Military Marriages

"When a Soldier Goes to War,
the Family Goes to War;
When a Soldier Gets Wounded,
the Family Gets Wounded."

Military, Veteran and Family
Assistance Foundation

According to a recent study by the Veterans Administration, of the 103,788 military personnel returning home between 2001-2005, 25% suffered from mental health problems. For those who carry the visions and horror of war in their hearts, mental health assistance is critical to alleviate depression, post-traumatic stress, substance abuse, broken families and suicide. America must act with compassion and be fully committed to support the healing of the body, mind and spirit of those who have served.

The Phoenix Project Soldiers and Veterans Transitional Retreat is one program which seeks to support returning soldiers and their spouses after deployment to a combat zone.

[Reprinted from The Phoenix Project –]

War is a terrible thing. We think of war as soldiers facing the enemy in a terrible conflict of hell, bullets, bombs, blood and death. We all know that war effects most those who are directly involved. However, there is another side to war; it is the pain and suffering of the family, extended family, friends, and community that are also torn apart from the deployments of their loved one.

The work of reunion; and addressing the physical, emotional, social, spiritual and economic wounds is most productive and healing when it involves everyone affected. The community that we live in pays the price of liberty and freedom. Sending one of our sons or daughters to war takes a toll on the community as it does with the family.

It is critical that communities come together in the same American spirit of helping our neighbors as in the barn raising efforts of years ago. Communities must come together to rebuild the lives of those that have served and are serving and for the sacrifices made by them while in the military. As we rebuild each life we rebuild a valuable, contributing member of our community.


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