Monday, October 16, 2006

Three High School Sisters and Their Parents Shot to Death: Brother Arrested

Three teenage high school students and their parents were murdered on October 14, 2006. The girls attended Harmony High School in Farmington, Iowa where officials said they will have counselors available on Monday, October 16 to speak with grieving students.

"You saw this in the Amish Country when those girls were shot, and now it's in our backyard," said Mike Linnenbrink, a youth minister from St. Boniface Catholic Church in Farmington where the family worshiped. Michael Bentler, age 53 and his wife Sandra Bentler, age 47 were murdered along with their daughters Sheena Bentler, age 17, Shelby Bentler, age 15 and Shayne Bentler, age 14.

Shawn Michael Bentler, the 22 year old son was arrested and charged with five counts of first degree murder.




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