Monday, September 25, 2006

Youth Police Academy: A Community Policing Diamond

A youth police academy develops rapport, respect and interaction between young citizens with law enforcement and the community.  The academy cultivates appreciation for the law and motivates positive citizenship.  Youth police academies improve leadership, self-esteem, discipline, self confidence, character and patriotism.
Youth are encouraged to enter into a partnership with all facets of their community through this extraordinary community policing program.  Youth police academies can be held on the federal, state, county or local level and can be scheduled during summer or the school year for various age groups of elementary, middle or high school students.
The youth police academy also builds morale within law enforcement through the collaboration and leadership expressed in planning and executing the program with the community and various law enforcement agency partners.  School resource officers greatly compliment the program and are complimentary to assisting with its success.
American youth are the hope of the future and deserving of a full force commitment to community policing youth police academies throughout the nation.

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