Thursday, September 21, 2006

Violent Crime, Drug Abuse and Gang Activity Prevention, Control and Reduction

Weed and Seed, a community-based strategy sponsored by the U.S. Department of Justice, is an innovative, comprehensive multiagency approach to law enforcement, crime prevention, and community revitalization.

Weed and Seed is foremost a strategy – rather than a grant program – that aims to prevent, control, and reduce violent crime, drug abuse, and gang activity in designated high crime neighborhoods across the country.

The strategy involves a two-pronged approach:
  • law enforcement agencies and prosecutors cooperate in "weeding out" violent criminals and drug abusers and
  • public agencies and community-based private organizations collaborate to "seed" much-needed human services, including prevention, intervention, treatment, and neighborhood restoration programs.
A community-oriented policing component bridges the weeding and seeding elements.

The Weed and Seed strategy is a multilevel strategic plan that includes four basic components:
  • law enforcement;
  • community policing;
  • prevention, intervention, and treatment; and
  • neighborhood restoration.
Four fundamental principles underlie the Weed and Seed strategy:
  • collaboration,
  • coordination,
  • community participation, and
  • leveraging of resources.

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