Friday, September 08, 2006

Community Policing: A Call for Renewal

In an age of escalating terror concerns, natural disasters, workplace and school violence, diversity issues, gangs, guns,drugs and private and public scandals, community policing must be renewed.
Community policing is a philosophy encouraging the police to be inseparable from the community and cohesively collaborating with all elements of their jurisdictions.  The essence of community policing is to sincerely create teamwork within the department and bonds of trust, open communication, respect and cooperation between the police and the public.
Modules of community policing training include ethics, leadership, crime prevention, problem solving, conflict resolution, communication, teamwork and diversity.  Police cultivate respect, empathy and sincere concern for community problems.
The philosophy of community policing is more critical now then ever and must be revitalized and accentuated in the demanding  post 9/11 environment.

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