Friday, August 25, 2006

Hurricane Katrina Aftermath Demands Collaboration

As Americans remember the catastrophic power of Hurricane Katrina on the August 29, 2006 one year anniversary, it must dedicate itself to remaking New Orleans and the gulf coast region a national and world treasure.

According to a White House Fact Sheet, the federal government is fulfilling its obligations to the people of the gulf coast, providing the necessary funding, restoring and improving New Orleans levees, removing debris, restoring transportation and energy systems, combating post-Katrina waste, fraud and abuse and also ensuring preparedness for future disasters.

Conversely, democratic leadership has released a report claiming a failed republican response to the hurricane citing that thousands of families are still waiting for FEMA trailers, $2 billion in abuse, fraud and waste, only 3 of 10 acute hospitals in New Orleans have reopened, 80% of gulf coast business''s with approved disaster loans are still waiting for the loans and only 56 of 128 schools will open this fall.

America must respond to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and its grave lessons for crisis management and national preparedness cohesively. Hurricane Katrina is not a republican or democratic issue but an American concern demanding to be solved together through persuasive leadership that inspires collaboration to alleviate human suffering.

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