Monday, September 18, 2006

Student Prevents Teens School Killing Spree

Homemade bombs and weapons were found by police at the homes of two 17 year olds suspected of plotting a Columbine style killing spree at East High School in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
The plan was prevented by a student who went to an associate principal.  The Brown County District Attorney John Zakowski was quoted by AP as saying, "If someone hadn't come forward, we'd be talking about funerals instead of charges." 
Zakowski plans to file charges against William C. Cornell and Shawn R. Sturtz for suspicion of conspiracy to commit first degree homicide and conspiracy to commit arson.  Officials stated they were obsessed with pain and death and wanted to die via "suicide by cop".
According to Detective Tom Molitor, they planned to set off bombs near bathrooms, light the exits on fire with jelled gasoline to prevent egress and shoot people.



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