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The Personality of American Leadership

As detailed extensively in my published works and presentations, leadership is critical to America.

Leadership has been addressed, as recently as last week, in my Feb. 10 article for the Epoch Times titled “America’s Hope: Leadership, Vigilance, Collaboration.”

It was argued that leadership is the solution to America’s challenges.

Before I continue with some personal insights on the personality of American Leadership, allow me to stress the necessity of cultivating leadership qualities throughout all of society. This includes our young people, the future of the nation.

The youth of America deserve our unwavering efforts, dedication, and good example. The power to influence begins in the family, continues in the schools, and expresses itself throughout every level of society. Our families, schools, communities, workplaces, houses of worship, and government must be dedicated to character.

All who are privileged to be in roles of leadership must remember the eyes of the nation are upon them.
Leadership is more than a privilege. It is a responsibility that demands the highest expression of character that is driven by respect, ethics, and dignity.

Ethics is critical to the nation and character education initiatives must be front and center in all of our educational communities.

Character, or the lack thereof, is the very heartbeat of the individual, and the nation. It is the essence of leadership and the antidote for remedying deficiencies throughout society.

Currently, America is under siege with divisive issues. These issues include immigration, civil rights, national security, violence prevention, racism, police-community relations, poverty, unemployment, education, and discrimination. A crisis of leadership compounds these issues.

America must ignite an ethical renaissance through all in privileged positions of leadership. This renaissance can only be ignited and sustained by the fire of character. It must be ignited throughout every facet of society.

Character must also be inspirited in every home, without compromise, from the inner city to the White House.

When each and every person in America realizes that they have the responsibility to exemplify character, we will be on the path to an ethical renaissance.

Personality of Leadership: Practical Tips

America is continually scorched with headlines illuminating a crisis of leadership throughout every level of society.

Individuals within privileged responsibilities throughout society, from the inner city classroom to the oval office, must are called to lives of character. Character is built on the pillars of sacrosanct trust that demands conduct beyond reproach.

Each of us must walk the path of character that is highlighted by courtesy, respect, and dignity.

Perhaps some of these principles of leadership, may serve to inspire:

• Leaders speak the truth with moral courage. They express words and actions that affirm the goodness of others. This affirmation has the capacity to inspire as individuals are uplifted through honesty, respect, and encouragement. Words can either be poisonous darts or healing remedies. A true leader is a person of word and action who persuades, influences, and encourages from a heart of character.

• Leaders realize that kindness is a power that is expressed through time, patience, and involvement. We are surrounded by individuals in our communities and families who are challenged by difficulties we may never imagine. We must listen to words and actions and use kindness to transform, inspire, and elevate broken lives.

• Leadership demands service that exemplifies compassion, empathy, and authenticity. Each of us must roll up our selves, get involved, and serve others from the heart.

Final Reflections

America is currently experiencing conflict, divisiveness, and dissipation. We must rise to the occasion.
This will only be possible when character is the foundation of society and the heartbeat of all privileged to lead.

Perhaps the character of Abraham Lincoln can motivate every American, from the student to the President.

As one studies the life of Lincoln, one observes character, ethical behavior, and moral responsibility.
These qualities are reflected in his life as a young student at the fireside, and throughout the decisions of his presidency.

Lincoln is a model of character for America. He realized that responsibility must have moral fiber.

Our sixteenth president lived during a time of national divisiveness, but his character served to transform the nation.

Each of us privileged to call America home must listen and understand Lincoln well.

We must exemplify the moral courage to ignite character into the arteries of the nation. Lincoln’s words from February 27, 1860 deserve our reflection:

“Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith let us to the end, dare to do our duty as we understand it.”

America, listen, understand, and live the message of Lincoln, as character is the foundation for reawakening the nation.

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1. Students with their teacher at a character education presentation by Vincent J. Bove at Union City Public Schools, N.J., on Feb. 27, 2009. (Vincent J. Bove)

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