Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Power of Community: Compassion, Courage, Caring

As I read the weekly edition of my hometown paper, The Item of Millburn and Short Hills, an article titled Community Pulls Together to Help Mom with Leukemia profoundly touched my heart. In an age when we are so often bombarded by negative headlines, this article accentuates the goodness within America.

The story highlights how 445 community members rose to the occasion for a bone marrow screening at the Millburn [NJ] Free Public Library to help their neighbor Lisa Mottesi. Mottesi is the mother of three and has undergone eight weeks of hospitalization and chemotherapy in her battle with Acute Myleogenous Leukemia.

Emily Won, a friend of Lisa, helped organize the bone marrow donor drive in the hopes of finding a donor. Along with volunteers from throughout the community, Won also helped manage the paperwork and assignment of donors for the collection of DNA samples for a potential match.

This event, which also raised $23,000, is a remarkable expression of all that is great about America—the power of community exemplified through compassion, courage and concern for neighbor.


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