Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Social Networking Technology Concerns: Empowering Educators, Parents, Students

On Monday, May 19, 2008, the Mid-Hudson Teacher Center hosted an educational event at the Haviland Middle School in Hyde Park, New York to address social networking technology concerns for youth. Two separate sessions were scheduled to accommodate educators and parents during the evening.

As the featured speaker, I was privileged to present Social Networking Technology Concerns for Educators, Parents, Youth: Online Communities, Cell Phones, Instant Messaging.

Presentation Agenda

  • Why Are We Here?
    • What Does It Mean To Be An Educator/Parent/Student?
    • Do You Have Self-Esteem?
    • Is Your Life Stressful?
  • Contemporary Concerns
    • Crisis of Leadership
    • Culture of Violence
    • Shattered Communities
    • Filling the Void
  • Social Networking Technology
    • What Is it?
    • Is It All OK?
    • What Is An Online Predator?
    • What Is Cyber-Bullying?
  • Call To Action
    • Leadership ◊ Vigilance ◊ Collaboration
    • The Altruism FactorTM
    • Community
    • Character
  • In Remembrance: American Military Tribute
  • Conclusion

Technology, especially through the internet and online social networking sites, has changed the way Americans communicate. The educators, parents and students who attended this venue are to be commended for their dedication to enhancing their understanding of contemporary concerns expressed through the click of a mouse.


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