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Promotion Ceremony: City of New York Police Department

On Tuesday, May 29, 2012, I was a privileged guest at the promotion ceremony of the City of New York Police Department at One Police Plaza in New York City. The program included remarks by Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly on the remarkable reduction of crime in New York City over the last ten years. After his remarks the promotion of 76 sergeants and 6 sergeant supervisor detectives took place in an impressive ceremony befitting the most renowned police department in the world.

The ceremony was uniquely significant to me because of the promotion of my godson Daren D. DeMarco to Sergeant Supervisor Detective. His achievements demonstrate his leadership, determination and character which I memorialized in my February 4, 2008 blog:


On Thursday, January 31, 2008, the City of New York Police Department promoted 79 police officers to the rank of Sergeant and 83 to the rank of Detective. The ceremony, held at One Police Plaza in New York City, included remarks from the Honorable Raymond W. Kelly, Police Commissioner, the administration of the oath of office by Rafael Pineiro, Chief of Personnel and the introduction of promotees by Joseph J. Esposito, Chief of Department.

I was privileged to attend the ceremony because my godson, Officer Daren D. DeMarco, was promoted to Sergeant. He will begin his new assignment on February 1, 2008 with a transfer from the 44th Precinct in the Bronx to Manhattan North IRT (Instant Response Team). In his new position, Sgt. Demarco will be called upon to exercise leadership as the first responders to any situation requiring law enforcement intervention.


Daren was raised in Rockland County, NY by his mother, Jo and his father Gori, who passed away in December 1998, with one brother, Jori, and two sisters, Dana and JillMarie.

His passion to serve is born out of tragedy. His sister Dana was murdered in 1994 by a serial killer who was pardoned by the Governor of Pennsylvania. His brother Jori was killed on August 17, 1998 while providing executive protection in Tajikistan as a United Nations Security Officer. Jori's wife Beatrice was in attendance at today's ceremony with her mother.

For Jo DeMarco, Daren's mom, this promotion ceremony held a special significance. It was a triumph amidst the tragedies of her life and she was both proud and grateful for the moment. She was accompanied by her sister, Daren's Aunt Trudy.

Also in attendance was Daren's wife Gricelda, whose pride in her husband was evident in her beaming smile. They have two children, Daneisy and Felix DelRosario.

His sister JillMarie, though she could not make it to New York for the ceremony, celebrated from her home in Washington state.


Prior to his law enforcement career, Daren Demarco served 4 years in the United States Marine Corps. He attended boot camp at Paris Island, infantry training school at Camp Geiger and was then attached to 1st Battalion 6th Marines based out of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

During his service with the Marines, Sgt. Demarco was assigned to the NATO Mediterranean Float Operations and traveled to countries including Spain, Holland, Italy, Germany and Monte Carlo. He also attended Jungle Environment Training School in the Philippines and served in Honduras, Granada and Japan.

Sgt. Demarco received anti-terrorism training in Quantico, Virginia. He is COBRA qualified to respond to weapons of mass destruction. He received an associates degree and is currently attending John Jay College of Criminal Justice in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.


On September 10, 1998, Daren Demarco was appointed to the NYPD police academy. In February 1999, he was presented his shield and sworn in as a New York City Police Officer at a Madison Square Garden ceremony. He was assigned to the 44th Precinct in the Bronx which covers the Yankee Stadium area.

After the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center tragedy, Daren worked 16 hours per day for 90 straight days at Ground Zero. For the next 2 months, he worked 12 hour shifts before returning to the 44th Precinct.

Sgt. Demarco’s awards from the NYPD include:

  • World Trade Center Medal
  • Excellent Police Duty (numerous awards)
  • Meritorious Police Duty (numerous awards)


During one incident, an emotionally distraught mother explained to Officer Demarco that her daughter locked herself in the bathroom with knives in an attempt to commit suicide. Daren knocked down the door and prevented the tragedy.

In another incident, Officer DeMarco, responding to a house fire, went in and saved 4 children between the ages of 2-10 years old from the burning home.

"As an NYPD law enforcement officer, I am privileged because each day is an opportunity to combat crime and help the community. And now as a Sergeant, I get to mentor and support the men and women who will report to me. I look forward to continuing to serve the NYPD and the people of New York."


NYPD Home Page Click here to visit site

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