Monday, December 18, 2006

In Remembrance: 1st Lt. Mark H. Dooley

Recently, I had the privilege of addressing 300 educators of the Wallkill Central School District in Wallkill, NY. Although the presentation focused on School Security and Character Education, as with all my speaking engagements, I concluded my remarks with a tribute to American military personnel.

On December 15, 2006, I received a touching email from Marion Dooley, an attendee of the Wallkill venue. She expressed her pride and honor while viewing the tribute. It was especially moving for Marion because her only two sons are in the army and her youngest son, 1st LT. Mark H. Dooley, 27, was killed in Iraq, on September 19, 2005.

It is important that we honor all families whose loved ones make such great sacrifices. We honor Marion, a mother who lost her son in Iraq, her family and all families who have been affected, by paying tribute to Lt. Mark H. Dooley:

Mark H. Dooley graduated Norwich University in 2002, a private military college in Northfield, VT. Mark then became a Wilmington, VT police officer. Police Chief Joseph M. Szarejko said, "He was an outstanding young guy."

Prior to law enforcement and military careers, Mark worked for Walt Overfield, owner of a Pizzeria in Modena, NY, who said, "He was the best person I'll ever know."

Aside from his loving mom, Mark is also survived by his dad Peter who remembers his son as a man with, "a strong sense of right and wrong and the police and military structure felt right to him," and a brother, Pete, still serving in the army.
Click to see Marion Dooley's Tribute to her son Mark...

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