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Fallen Police Officers: Honoring American Sentinels

On Wednesday, July 29, 2015, I was honored to conduct a leadership presentation for the Port Authority Police Department (PAPD).

Attendees included the superintendent, commanding officers, inspectors, captains, lieutenants, and executive staff.

The Port Authority has a daunting task of protecting New York and New Jersey sites including the airports, bridges, tunnels, PATH, World Trade Center, and bus terminal.

Prior to my presentation, I reflected on the heroic sacrifices of this distinguished agency during the September 11, 2001 attacks.

On that fateful day, a hijacked airliner struck One World Trade Center at 8:46am, igniting a blazing inferno on the side of the 110-story structure.

Seventeen minutes later, another hijacked jet slammed into Two World Trade Center causing a second inferno that would forever change the course of security in America.

The PAPD, who were the first law enforcement to respond to the terror attacks, quickly rushed into the burning buildings and heroically rescued thousands of people.

Some of these officers climbed high into the heart of the chaos to assist people seriously injured, trapped, or unable to escape.

Thirty-seven of these valiant officers were killed on 9/11, along with so many other heroic first responders and colleagues from the NYPD, FDNY, and the New York State Courts.

These individuals, who offered the ultimate sacrifice must be eternally appreciated.

End of Watch: Ongoing Dangers

The tragedy of the ultimate sacrifice has continued since 9/11.

There is no end in sight to the challenges police officers face as they serve America during a time of continuous violence and dangers.

Attacks against police officers throughout the nation, under various circumstances, have already led to 19 senseless deaths this year.

A recent killing was Officer Sean Bolton, 33, an Iraq veteran, shot multiple times on Saturday night, August 1 during a traffic stop in Memphis, Tennessee.

Officer Bolton was killed over an altercation over two grams of marijuana, something amounting to a misdemeanor citation and fine.

Aside from Officer Bolton, there have already been 19 officers’ deaths violently killed by suspects in 2015.

There are other dangers-including traffic accidents for example-raising the fatalities this year to 64 according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

Fallen Officers: Rest in Eternal Peace

All who have offered the ultimate sacrifice deserve our appreciation and heartfelt prayers.

Our country would immediately experience chaos, anarchy, and disorder without the vigilance, dedication, and sacrifices of police officers.

Here are just a few of the fallen officers who died at the hands of violent suspects in 2015.

San Jose Police Officer Michael Johnson was killed by gunfire while responding to an incident involving a man threatening to commit suicide.
• Omaha Police Detective Kerrie Orozco, 29, a new mom and Girl Scout Leader, was fatally shot attempting to arrest a suspect wanted in a shooting.
• NYPD Officer Brain Moore, 25, died after being shot by a suspect who pulled a gun from his waistband.
Philadelphia Police Officer Robert Wilson was killed while buying a video game for his son, when two men attempting to rob the store shot him.
• Wisconsin State Trooper Trevor Casper, 21, was shot dead on his first solo assignment while confronting a murder and robbery suspect. He is the youngest law enforcement officer killed in Wisconsin state history.

Police Officers: Community and Family Members

America must always be grateful for our police officers who are the lifeline of security and safety for our communities.

We must be mindful that police officers are also community and beloved members of our familes.

We must also always have compassion, empathy, and sensitivity for their families as well.

Forever Remembered: Stone and Soul

Carved on the sacred walls of the National Law Officers Memorial in Washington, D.C., are the names of over 20,000 federal, state, and local law enforcement officers, dating back to the first know fatality in 1791.

Each of these heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice protecting our country deserves respect.

Aside from being carved names on stone, may each of these brave souls have their names eternally engraved in our hearts as they represent the courage, character, and decency of America.

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1. PAPD Officers (Courtesy PAPD)
2. NYPD Officer Brian Moore (Courtesy NYPD)
3. Officer Michael Johnson (Courtesy San Jose PD)
4. Trooper Trevor Casper (Courtesy Wisconsin State Patrol)
5. Officer Robert Wilson (Courtesy Philadelphia PD)
6. Detective Kerrie Orozco (Courtesy Omaha PD)

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