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Over 250 Law Enforcement Officials Attend Inaugural Conference: Character, Ethics, Leadership

On May 12, 2014, the Inaugural New Jersey Conference: Character, Ethics, Leadership was hosted by The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.

Over 250 law enforcement attended the event-local, county, state and federal officials including the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and FBI filled the campus center to capacity.

Responding to America's Head-On Collision
As an event organizer-in collaboration with The Rodgers Group, LLC, Resolution Group International, the United States Military Academy and the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police-I was privileged to deliver the opening presentation titled Visionary Leadership Principles: Responding to America’s Head-On Collision.

This lead-off presentation depicted the nation’s crisis of character and culture of violence through the metaphor of two trains in a catastrophic head-on train collision. The repercussions of shattered families with many filling the void of brokenness with substance abuse and gang involvement was also addressed. This presentation included a call to action, renewing a sense of purpose and passion, principles of leadership as inspired by the life of Abraham Lincoln and a tribute to the American Military.

Ethical Leadership
After my opening presentation, LT General Robert L. Caslen, Jr., Superintendent of the U.S. Military Academy, West Point served as the keynote speaker and shared thoughts on character, ethics and leadership including:
*Honor-adherence to the highest standards of integrity
*Respect-treating people with dignity
*Servant leadership- focus on putting others before ourselves
*Living lives of integrity-doing what is morally and ethically right even when no one is watching us

LT General Caslen candidly shared concerns of the violation of ethics taking place within society. He emphasized that all are vulnerable to ethics breaches including the military as witnessed in various scandals. He also stressed the importance of the West Point Honor Code, “A cadet shall not lie, cheat or steal or tolerate those who do” as essential to building trust, instilling values and developing a team mentality. LT General Caslen concluded by stating that ethical imperatives must include:

*We not I
*Dignity and respect
*Never walking away from weakness but using it to be a stepping stone to personal growth
*Training to perfection
*Balance (profession, family, community responsibilities)

The Ethical Protector
The concluding presentation was delivered by Jack Hoban, President of Resolution Group International and author of The Ethical Warrior. Jack emphasized that law enforcement and military personnel are called to be Ethical Protectors and their responsibility is to serve all because each human being demands respect, dignity and protection.

Jack’s presentation complimented his 3 day certification program which enhances abilities to resolve physical, verbal and cross-cultural conflict and:

*Ethics and Personal Integrity
*Communication Skills (Verbal Judo/Verbal Defense and Influence)
*Martial Arts and Defensive Tactics

The heart of Jack’s program is expressed in The Warrior Creed by Robert L. Humphrey, a U.S. Marine who served on Iwo Jima and was his mentor, friend and inspiration:

Wherever I go,
everyone is a little safer because I am there.
Wherever I am, anyone in need has a friend.
Whenever I return home, everyone is happy I am there.
It's a better life.

Final Reflection
It is America’s destiny to be a moral beacon for the world. This destiny will be realized only after an honest assessment of our crisis. America can then be realigned by enhancing the character, ethics, and leadership that lie within the heart of each of us.

Follow Up Certification Courses
Today’s program will have follow up certification courses conducted by Jack Hoban and Vincent J. Bove at the Center For Public Safety & Security of The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey in the fall of 2014:

*The Ethical Protector Conflict Resolution Certificate Program by Jack Hoban
*Violence Prevention/Crisis Planning/Transformational Leadership Certificate Program by Vincent J. Bove

Also published in Vincent's column titled Reawakening the Nation in the Friday, May 16, 2004 edition of Epoch Times.

1.Conference attendees (Vincent J. Bove)
2.Vincent J. Bove with LT General Robert L. Caslen, Jr.
3.Jack Hoban delivering his presentation (Vincent J. Bove)

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